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Low Cost, High Profit Dream Products To Sell on eBay and Amazon

Finding quality products to sell is the key to continuing success. Keeping a pipeline of low cost, fast moving items to sell is also a must. Sometimes it takes weeks of searching to find a load of quality electronics or computer equipment that you can sell online at double your cost. I'm sure you agree that this is a very good rate of return. The problem is that you may have to outlay several thousand dollars to buy the inventory. If you are new to online selling and would like to pick up high quality, easy to ship products for pennies, read on.

Did you know that 95% of books that have been published are no longer in print? What does that mean to you as an online seller? It means that you do not have to compete with traditional booksellers. I have seen books that would not catch anyone's eye fetch over $80. This is because it is an out of print book even though it might be only a few years old.

Money Making Tip

Books, audio book cassettes, and VHS tapes very often are the last items to be picked over at rummage sales or thrift stores; but I have found them to be the lowest cost, most profitable items to sell online. Most can be picked up for next to nothing, especially if you are shopping the last day of the rummage sale or at closeouts at thrift stores. Some vendors actually give the books away to clear space.

With a partner last Fall, I set up a dedicated division just for selling the above items. We are averaging over $14,000/month in book sales on Amazon and eBay. Our inventory cost to buy these books has never been more than a few hundred dollars for a full truckload.

Why would I share this secret? It works! There is no way we could obtain all of the books available.

To Find the market value for a book, tape or DVD, simply enter the ISBN number into the Amazon or eBay search Box.

You may Ask What does ISBN stand for? International Standard Book Number. Where can I locate the ISBN number? It is located on the back cover of most books, it may also be found on the first page inside the book.

Selling your Books, tapes and DVD's is easy and highly profitable, with low cost sources for these items in abundance.

Tim Gilberg is able to provide information and insight from a unique perspective - that of someone who is actually doing what others just talk about. Ebay Power Seller Platinum Status was Attained by Tim Gilberg, which is one of the highest sales levels attained selling on eBay. Tim is active on Ebay and liquidation.com as well as consulting and working with other Top ebay Power Seller's to give you real life in use insight, not theories.Visit Tim Gilberg at his website Make Money on eBay



eBay CEO: Why we're spinning off PayPal
Seven months after making the case against spinning off PayPal to Fortune, eBay CEO John Donahoe is singing a different tune. On Tuesday, eBay announced plans to spin-off online payments service PayPal into a separate, publicly traded company.
Ebay To Break Up With PayPal, Icahn Pushes For Payments ConsolidationForbes
EBay spinning off PayPal as separate companyCNNMoney
EBay Does About-Face in Decision to Spin Off PayPalNew York Times
The Verge -Wall Street Journal
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Ebay And PayPal To Split: Carl Icahn And Elon Musk Wish Comes True
”A thorough strategic review with our board shows that keeping eBay and PayPal together beyond 2015 clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively,” Donahoe said in a statement today. “The industry landscape is ...


The Crocodile And The Shark: Could Alibaba Swallow eBay?
On Tuesday, eBay eBay announced that it would spin off its PayPal subsidiary by next year, splitting its marketplace from its lucrative payments arm to better realize different core businesses. While the separation puts an end to months of speculation ...
BABA Stock – Should Alibaba Buy eBay?Investorplace.com
Without PayPal, eBay could become Alibaba's path to the U.S.Silicon Valley Business Journal
EBay Going It Alone in Competitive Web-Commerce MarketBloomberg
Seeking Alpha (registration)
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Ebay CEO John Donahoe Talks About The PayPal Split And Future Of Two ...
Today eBay eBay announced it would spin-off its fast-growing PayPal division in 2015. The decision to separate PayPal from eBay's marketplace operations is a drastic reversal for eBay, which this February fended off an aggressive attack from activist ...

Wall Street Journal

EBay to Split as Apple, Others Prepare to Challenge PayPal
Wall Street Journal
A stand-alone eBay would no longer have to hand over cash it generates to PayPal, Chief Executive John Donahoe said. Mr. Donahoe, 54 years old, will step down as CEO when the split is complete, though he may join one or both companies' boards.


Alibaba Should Buy eBay. Who Wants PayPal?
EBay (EBAY) has decided that Carl Icahn was right after all, and said on Tuesday that it would spin off PayPal into an independent company, a move it until now roundly opposed. The company says now is the time to split because PayPal does a decreasing ...


EBay to Split Off PayPal as Mobile Payments Gain Momentum
EBay Inc. (EBAY) is spinning off its PayPal division, throwing the business into direct competition with Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. as consumers step up the use of smartphones and computers to pay for goods and services. Activist shareholder ...


EBay follows Icahn's advice, plans PayPal spinoff in 2015
The surprise move is a huge about-face for eBay's leadership, including Chief Executive Officer John Donahoe, who resisted shareholder activist Carl Icahn's calls for a split earlier this year and led a months-long campaign to convince investors that ...

Carl Icahn had to wait several months, but the activist investor got his way. Online marketplace eBay EBAY announced Tuesday it will split from the mobile payments service PayPal — a spinoff long sought by Icahn — forming two independently traded ...

EBay will spin off PayPal, giving in to Carl Icahn
Los Angeles Times
Online marketplace EBay Inc. is bowing to investor pressure by spinning off its payment business PayPal into a separate publicly-traded company by 2015. Wall Street cheered the news Tuesday and pushed up shares of EBay by 6.8% to $56.24 in morning ...

Google News

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