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Hard Assets Resource Center - Current gold, silver and other precious metal prices...
Resource directory for free information and research on gold, silver, platinum, bullion, diamonds, gemstones and precious metals offers current gold price, silver price, platinum prices, gold prices and gold charts including spot gold price....

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A. Brown affiliate to commission new power plant in Mindanao
MSN Philippines News
MANILA - Peakpower Soccsargen Inc is turning on its new power plant in Mindanao later this month. © Provided by InterAksyon. In a statement, Peakpower Soccsargen president Roel Castro said the company's 20-megawatt (MW) bunker-fired plant is ...

and more »

Guest Editorial: How to Win Affiliates and Influence People
Given the above two main reasons why one might want to use affiliates over doing things yourself, it figures this tactic is mostly useful for business with limited resources; a small broker might fit in this category. Of course there could be ...

FeedFront Magazine

Cutting Ties With Affiliates – By Steven Shnayder
FeedFront Magazine
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based industry. If an affiliate doesn't perform, they don't get paid. So what's the harm in accepting many affiliates into your program and hoping that eventually some of them send a couple sales your way?

Google News

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